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Cinematic video production
without Hollywood costs

Boost your business with videos


We are London based video production company. We create videos for brands, business and media. We do the full spectrum of work from planning, filming and editing to special effects. We make it easy to promote your brand and increase conversions. As we say "Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times". Seeing is believing.

Video Testimonial

London Sport Academy

Three "PROS" and one "CON"

We have filmed thousands of news stories, interviews and a number of documentaries for TV Channels. Our journalistic background helps us getting commission done, creatively and efficiently.
Our team are all professionals and have more than 10 years of filming experience.
We are able to get the job done whatever
the deadlines are.
Our prices are affordable.
Video marketing
We create a great video. It is our area of expertise. However we do not promote videos. It is a science of marketing.

How it works

Send us a brief including the aim of the video, the marketing budget and any ideas you would like us to implement.
Our crew will arrive at the filming location at any time on any day that is convenient for you.
Post production
Depending on the size of the project it may take us a few days to create the video.
Happy customer
If you are not happy with the result we will refund the cost. You have money back guarantee.
It is an estimate cost based on time saving video. The price includes creating idea, shooting and post production.
Video Testimonial
From £ 450
Testimonials help your customers to make a decision. Videos are more engaging and convincing tools than text.
Promo Video
From £ 550
Creative video appeals to emotions. Interesting and useful content for your clients will deliver results.
Commercial Video
From £ 950
Powerful tool to deliver your marketing message. Our fantasy has no limits. Just your budget) Let us create a great clip for your business.
Meet the core team
Based in London, a multicultural city, we speak two languages: English and Russian.
Evgeny Ksenzenko
Founder and Creative Director
Evgeny founded our company. He has an extensive 20 years experience in a variety of filming projects, including creating corporate videos, documentaries and news stories. "My broadcast background helps me to deal with any project. I believe a compelling video is a beautiful and effective way to promote your business".
Anna Eliseeva
Project Manager
Anna has over 10 years of experience in TV journalism, including reporting news and creating video pieces. She makes sure our clients get creative, eye-catching and memorable videos on time, on budget and with the relevant production guidelines."I am an excellent communicator, and I thrive on having a can-do attitude"
Anton Popiline
Camera Director
Anton is a perfectionist. He always makes sure everything looks excellent within the range of his camera. Anton's 20 years experience of filming spans across many video genres, including creating documentaries, corporate videos, musical clips and news pieces. "All we need is to have a well scripted plan of filming and time to get it done. That's it"
Improve your business efficiency
We work flexibly and always deliver more than what you asked.
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